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We've had the pleasure of working with our client, Southern Gents, since the fall of 2020. With our assistance, they have achieved a remarkable 292% surge in Instagram followers, expanding from 108K to a whopping 314K!

Check out our most recent campaign & previous work below!


Influencer Campaign

For this campaign we were tasked with telling the stories of fairytale princess' while highlighting the exquisite dresses in detail. We created to 2 vertical video ads for Instagram & TikTok. 

GH Productions researched their competitors content on Instagram. We searched for cinematic videos that performed very well within the fashion niche based off of views and trends. We noticed that two types of videos were the ones generally performing the best "Magic Trick Transitions" and "Cinematic Walks".

Testing: Our first cinematic walk video did 2.1 Million Views on Instagram. The next day we went back to film a different outfit. Beginning with the walk leading into a sequence of outfit detail shots and poses. This video grew to 9.9 Million views within 2 months.

​GH Productions then developed a content strategy including these two styles, accommodating both in-studio and downtown photo & video shoots. To grow Southern Gents instagram, the plan was to execute 12 reels per month showcasing different outfits in our newly developed cinematic style. While also, pulling from trends on the internet that we could add our own flavor.

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