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Content Creation

Types of Videos: Educational | Lifestyle | Trends | Events

Our content creation service is primarily utilized for maintaining brand consistency and facilitating brand discovery. Our content creation service provides high-quality videos tailored to your everyday needs.


Whether for entertainment, lifestyle, business trends, or milestone events, we offer a comprehensive package that includes a consultation, idea conceptualization, and a dedicated videographer. We take pride in our speedy turn-around time of 2-3 days and the convenience of our in-house studio.


Our content creation videos are crafted to last up to 15 seconds, perfect for attention-grabbing social media posts, marketing campaigns, or personal mementos.


Content Creation

Purpose: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Trends, & Milestones
Estimated Turn Around: 2 - 3 Days
Video Duration:
up to 15 Seconds

What's Included:

- Consultation
- Idea Conceptualization

- 1 Videographer
- In-House Studio

Video Production

- Shot List + Mood Board
- Model Scouting

- GHP Production Team
- In-House Studio

Purpose: Branding + Advertising
Estimated Turn Around: 5 - 14 Days
Video Duration:
up to I Min 30 Sec

What's Included:

- Consultation
- Idea Conceptualization
- Pre-Production Planning
- Script Writing

Content Creation vs Video Production:


Educational videos are designed to teach your audience something new. Ideal for sharing expertise or providing tutorial content, these videos help establish your brand as a source of knowledge in your field.

Educational Video with Graphics Package:

Our Educational Video with Graphics package offers a comprehensive solution for creating engaging, high-quality educational content.

  • This package includes filming at a location of your choice, services of an experienced videographer, professional lighting and audio equipment, and a tailored shooting style to fit your needs.

  • Post-production editing enhances the content with graphic overlays, stock clips, and article cut-outs.

  • The final deliverable is a vertical video up to 90 seconds long, perfect for succinct yet comprehensive educational content.

This package is ideal for brands seeking to educate their audience in a visually engaging manner.

Tutorials / How To's | Talking To Camera


Influencer Content

Lifestyle videos capture the day-to-day aspects of life or the interests and activities that define your brand. These videos are great for connecting with your audience on a personal level and building a community around your brand.

Our Most Popular Lifestyle Package: The Cinematic Video Portrait

  • It's designed to capture the essence of your persona in a visually stunning and captivating format.

  • The result is a beautifully crafted video portrait that truly reflects your lifestyle, making it perfect for personal branding, social media, or as a cherished personal keepsake.

Trends (Personal or Business)

Trend videos are all about staying current. Whether it's a viral dance, a hashtag challenge, or a business trend, these videos show that your brand is up-to-date and engaged with the wider world. They're perfect for engaging with a younger audience or showing the innovative side of your business.

Social Media Trends (2 Video) Package:

Our Social Media Trends Package is perfect for brands looking to stay current and engage with their audience in a timely manner.

  • This package includes two short videos tailored to the latest social media trends.

  • Filming can take place at a location of your choice, and you'll have the freedom to change outfits as many times as you like during the shoot.

  • The package also includes the use of trending or original audio to complement your brand, a quick 5-day turnaround, and one round of revisions to ensure your content is just right.

  • With dedicated 2 hours of production time, this package lets you capture the moment and show that your brand is in the know.

Milestone Events

Milestone videos celebrate significant events or achievements. Whether it's the anniversary of your business, reaching a significant number of customers, or celebrating a personal achievement, these videos let you share these moments with your audience and show the human side of your brand.

Event Highlights Content Creation Package:

Our Event Highlights Content Creation package is designed to capture the most important and exciting moments of your events and transform them into short, engaging videos perfect for content creation.

What's Included:

  • 1 experienced videographers

  • Filming at the location of the event

  • Use of lighting and audio equipment

  • Reels / TikTok-style shooting tailored to your event

  • Post-production editing to highlight the key moments of each event


  • Multiple Short Highlight Videos tailored to your specifications

  • Each video will have a duration of up to 45 seconds, perfect for capturing the essence of the event's key moments and sharing it on social media platforms or your website

This package is perfect for businesses or individuals who host multiple events and want to create a series of short, engaging videos for promotional or content creation purposes.

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