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Custom Numbered

Directly Targeting Specific Demographics

Custom Numbered's Website Banner Video

Already established and looking to up your social media game? So was Custom Numbered! Their armsleeves were popular due to the owners vast network of athletes both pro and student. However, they were lacking informative videos to best explain the benefits of their products. To solve this problem, we put together a Brand Identity Package that consists of Brand Video, 3 Targeted Social ADS, & a Origin/Founder Video.

The brand video is a visualizer for his website that fully highlights the usage of this product. We choose to shoot this primarily for Custom Numbered's Website Banner. Once, a customer would land to the site they would immediately register unique factor about their company's sleeves as well as the many sports where they are applicable.

The 3 ad's for social media were focused on the big 3 of Custom Numbered's Demographic. All the ad's needed high energy, quick cut, and communicate that badass players where these sleeves. For our baseball ad, we honed in on the injuries that arise from over extending the elbow. The compression from the sleeve helps prevent injury and keeps arm from getting as fatigued.


We worked with Custom Numbered to find all talent for the project and secure all of the locations and permits to shoot. We also accommodated our studio for our last video concept

Football Sleeves AD
What is Custom Numbered?
Baseball Sleeves AD
Basketball Sleeve AD
Elbow Pain Fix AD
Custom Numbered Website Banner
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