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Product Explainer Video

  • 2 hr
  • 1,495.95 US dollars
  • Miami|Houston|All Shades of Hue Studios|Dallas

Service Description

Our E-commerce Product Explainer Video Service offers a comprehensive solution for showcasing your product's features, benefits, and value proposition in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. We combine storytelling, high-quality visuals, and clear messaging to create a video that resonates with your target audience and drives conversions. What's Included • Pre-production Consultation: We'll begin with a comprehensive understanding of your product, its unique selling points, and the target audience. • Concept Development: Our team will brainstorm creative ideas for presenting your product most effectively. • Script Writing: Our skilled writers will craft a script that clearly communicates the key features and benefits of your product. • Storyboarding: We will create a storyboard that outlines the flow of your video, ensuring all key points are visually represented. • Filming: Our professional crew will capture high-quality footage using state-of-the-art equipment. • Animation: If required, our team can create engaging animations to further highlight your product's features. • Editing: Our skilled editors will combine the footage and animations into a seamless narrative. • Post-production: We'll add the final touches, including sound editing, color grading, and quality checks, to ensure your product explainer video is polished and professional. • Review & Revision: We provide opportunities for you to review the video and provide feedback, ensuring the final product meets your expectations. Deliverables: • Final Video: A high-quality, professionally edited product explainer video. • Script: The final approved script for your product explainer video. • Storyboard: The final storyboard used for the video creation. • Raw Footage: All raw video files from the shoot. • Project Brief Document - (Concept Sheet, Storyboard, Script, Shot List, & Call Sheet)

Cancellation Policy

Exclusivity: If in my opinion, such person or persons are inhibiting the photographer from performing his duties, Client shall require the person interfering with the videographer/photographer to stop all further videotaping. GH PRODUCTIONS LLC is exclusive to the client and will not provide captured videos or photos content to anyone outside of the client. GH PRODUCTIONS LLC is the sole media production company for the client. If necessary, assistants to such photography/videography shall attend the production sessions. NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEES: A 60% deposit is due upon the signing of this agreement. Once the Agreement is signed and the deposit is paid, GH PRODUCTIONS LLC shall reserve scheduled production dates. Once agreed upon, the time and date for production will be exclusive to the client, and no reservations shall conflict with these times. For this reason, all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE CHANGE IN DATE, TIME, PACKAGE SELECTION, or TERMINATION: Client may upgrade Clients package selection at any time. However, under no circumstances shall Client be permitted to change its selection to a lower-priced package. In case of a change in the time or date of production sessions, GH PRODUCTIONS LLC shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate the change. Rescheduling due to weather does not affect your booking. However, if the new time or date conflicts with GH PRODUCTIONS LLC existing schedule, GH PRODUCTIONS LLC reserves the right to reschedule. In the event of rescheduling, Client shall forfeit any previous non-refundable deposits. If the project production time exceeds the amount agreed upon in the service details, the client will be required to pay the outstanding balance that has been incurred due to the additional time of production. COMPLETION OF FINAL PRODUCT: The entire editing process, from time of scheduling to receipt of the final products will be dependent of the on the amount of demand the project pertains. It is subjective to the creative details. We will let the client know through email the estimated turnaround on a per-project basis. If there is any interruptions in terms of editing work flow the client must understand and accommodate the new turn around time. Revisions to videos will grant GH PRODUCTIONS LLC an extra three days to edit the video. Any inconvenience that prohibits the completion of a project, such as illness, power outages, etc., shall be acknowledged and will not reflect turnaround time nor discount of service

Contact Details

  • Miami, FL


  • Houston, TX


  • 4215 South Main Street, Stafford, TX, USA


  • Dallas, TX


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