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A Team of Curated 

Your Team When You Need Us!

GHP is a premier agency specializing in providing a curated team of highly skilled Videographers, Photographers, and Editors to businesses, brands, and individuals. Our team is handpicked to ensure a diverse range of skills and experiences.


Our team structure allows us to handle a high volume of projects simultaneously while maintaining a high standard of work.


Our aim is to bring your vision to life while ensuring reliability and efficiency.


Volume of Work

Flexible Scheduling Due to Team


High Quality Standard

Attention to Detail


Trained Professionals

Taught by @ghobbz


Diversity of Skills

Shooting & Editing



Each creative has a minimum of 5yrs

Why GHP?

Your Dedicated Production Team!


We’ll scale down to deliver snackable visual content that showcases your brand. Or scale up to create an all-out marketing experience, from concept to media launch.


On our own, just you and us – or as part of your marketing ecosystem. Always driven by speed, brilliant team work, and an appetite for creating memorable magic.


Meet Our Team:

Your Favorite Videographer


The GHP Team

1. Limited Skills and Experience:

  • A single videographer might not be able to offer the range of skills and experiences that a team can provide.

2. Limited Volume of Work:

  • A single videographer can only handle a limited number of projects at a time.

3. Risk of Unavailability:

  • ​If the videographer is unavailable due to illness or other reasons, it could disrupt your workflow.

4. Less Innovation:

  • A single videographer may not be able to generate as many creative ideas as a team could.

5. Dependence on One Person:

  • With only one videographer, the success of your project heavily depends on that individual's skills and reliability.

6. Limited Perspective:

  • A single videographer might lack the range of perspectives that a team can bring, potentially leading to less diverse content.

7. Higher Workload:

  • A single videographer might face a high workload, leading to stress and potential burnout.

8. Inability to Specialize:

  • A single videographer has to handle all aspects of the project, from shooting to editing, which might limit their ability to specialize and excel in one area.

1. Diverse Skills:

  • A curated team of videographers and editors can provide a broader range of skills and expertise.

2. Higher Volume of Work:

  • A team can handle more projects at the same time & maintain high quality deliverables compared to a single person.

3. Reliability:

  • If one team member is unavailable, others can step in to ensure that the work continues uninterrupted.

4. Increased Creativity:

  • With multiple perspectives, a team can generate more creative and innovative ideas.

5. Collaborative Problem-Solving:

  • A team can brainstorm and solve problems together, overcoming challenges more effectively than a single person.

6. Efficiency:

  • A team can often accomplish tasks more quickly than a single individual.

  • Team members can learn from each other, improving their skills over time.

7. Flexible Workload:

    • With more people, the workload can be distributed more evenly, reducing the risk of burnout.​

8. Specialization:

  • Team members can specialize in different areas, improving the quality of each aspect of the project.

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Video Production

Transform your business, product or service into motion masterpieces. It’s the smart way to engage, captivate, and inspire your target audience.

Types of videos we create:


Let your pictures tell a true story. From campaign to portrait photography, we ensure each visual strikes exactly the right chord.

Some of our work:




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